What happens at Ditch the Clique anyway?

GIRL, we’ve heard this one before. So to help you out, here’s a few FAQ’s just for YOU!

What is the difference between attending Ditch the Clique in person vs. online?

Whether you’re attending Ditch the Clique in person OR online, you have the similar opportunity to connect through community conversation and interactive activities.  Initially, both group conversation and activities are guided by Rachel K. Grim, but encouraged one on one as well. A unique aspect of an in-person Ditch the Clique event is the opportunity to connect with women local to YOUR community, as well as to shop featured female owned brands and participate in event giveaways!

What happens at Ditch the Clique?

Whether you’re attending Ditch the Clique in person OR online, you’re promised to be met with inspiring stories of REAL women who have overcome adversity (with an empowered community by their side). Finding confidence and connection in the stories shared, you are invited to join interactive conversation and activities touching on topics such as self image, relationship building, goal setting, and more.  Topics vary based on in person or online location. 

Okay but what REALLY happens? Give us a play by play.

Whether you’re attending Ditch the Clique in person OR online, upon arrival you’ll IMMEDIATELY be welcomed by an empowered community of women! After you register, check out featured female brands, and grab a snack, you will collectively move through interactive activities guided by Rachel. Interactive activities such as Trash It (Rachel’s way of encouraging you to trash the lies you tell yourself) inspire authentic connection and provide you with dream-achieving tools for life BEYOND Ditch the Clique. Following Rachel’s presentation, you’re welcome to participate in other activities like inspiration board creation, Post It, and so many more!

Interested in bringing Ditch the Clique to YOUR community? Request an event HERE.

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