3 month, One on One Confidence Coaching


a roadmap to set, strategize, and achieve.

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GIRL do you have a dream but feel stuck on where, how, and when to start? Or do you know where to start but lack the confidence to launch? Let our SheEO support YOU with Ditch the Clique’s one on one confidence coaching! 

Biweekly, you’ll meet with our SheEO Rachel K. Grim to create an actionable plan in pursuit of your career goals, personal goals, financial goals, or whatever your goals may be! Using Ditch the Clique’s proven tools and strategies, you’ll work with Rachel over a quarterly period (3 months) to define your dream, uncover the obstacles you face when working toward it, and develop a step by step action plan to achieve it. And GIRL, you WILL achieve it! 

Rachel knows the key to building confidence is making yourself small promises and keeping them, and she can’t wait to support YOU in doing just that!

Women in Ditch the Clique’s one on one confidence coaching community have said: 

“Rachel knows exactly what to say, what to ask, and how to listen to help each woman individually be empowered.” 

“Rachel meets you where you are and inspires and challenges you to grab ahold of your own life to go after what you want most.


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