How to Attend NYFW – ebook


Is it your dream to attend New York Fashion Week? Do you suffer from F.O.M.O. after seeing all the NYFW content on social media? More importantly, do you believe the LIE that you’re just not “BIG” enough to attend NYFW?

GIRL, we hear you, we see you, AND WE GOT YOU! Here’s the truth: Everything you’ve heard about NYFW is a LIE! Because with a purposeful mission, an understanding of the fashion industry, and pro pitching skills, you CAN attend NYFW, regardless of your follower count!

And we are here to show you how!

We are Claire Shay and Rachel K. Grim, NYC-based bloggers with Instagram followings of under 5K who are invited to attend multiple NYFW runway exhibitions and events EACH SEASON!

We believe in being INCLUSIVE, not exclusive, and we want to share our secrets on EXACTLY how we do it with YOU! If you want to learn about pitching for an invite, styling an outfit to get a paparazzi shot, navigating the basics of NYFW, and networking with like-minded women, KEEP READING!



Born in Taiwan and raised in Los Angeles, Claire Shay is a New York City-based sustainability blogger, YouTuber, and author.

Claire believes that sustainability should be accessible to everyone, inclusive of all lifestyles, tolerant of all expressions of sustainability, and most importantly, attainable. Reinventing Sustainability defines the guiding principles of sustainability and includes personal stories from Claire’s own experiences to inspire readers to create a sustainable lifestyle of their own.


Rachel K. Grim is the Brooklyn-based speaker and empowerHER behind the event series and online community, Ditch the Clique.

Rachel launched Ditch the Clique in 2019 to empower and inspire women with resources (such as community events and one on one Confidence Coaching) to live their dream life. Most recently, Rachel uses her PR and social media expertise to empower brands with unique, engaging content to inspire their communities as well.

Rachel believes empowerment is a cycle, and Ditch the Clique keeps that cycle cyclical.


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