Ditch the Clique is an in-person and online event series and community for women to get inspired and leave empowered. Uniting REAL women through connective conversation and interactive activities, Ditch the Clique defies age, race, size, and career while providing women dream-achieving tools and inspiration!

At in person and online Ditch the Clique events, women are met with inspiring stories of REAL women who have overcome circumstance with an empowered community by their side. Finding confidence and connection in the stories shared by founder Rachel K. Grim and many MORE, women are invited to join interactive conversation and activities touching on topics such as self image, relationship building, and goal setting. In person Ditch the Clique events feature female owned brands to shop and connect with, while ALL Ditch the Clique events include Rachel’s original Trash It and Post It activities, and others like inspiration board creation and so much MORE .


The Ditch the Clique Community is full of women who have attended a Ditch the Clique event (either in person or online) and want MOREβΈΊ more connection, more inspiration, more tips to achieving dreams!  This monthly subscription based service promises members virtual monthly meetings with Rachel and other dynamic speakers, weekly personal check-ins, a private Facebook community for accountability and conversation, discounts and deals to featured female owned brands, and SO MUCH MORE

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