About Ditch the Clique

Have you ever thought “am I the only one?”…

If so, you’ve come to the right place!

Welcome to Ditch the Clique! An inspiring, empowering community of women providing YOU with the resources YOU need to live the life you dream! Whether you’re working toward your dream career, looking for ways to accept and love your body NOW, strengthen your relationships, or launch your business WE GOT YOU! Through in-person and online events as well as our online one on one accountability community we provide women just like you with actionable resources to achieve and live your dream! And because it all starts with mindset, our community is here to remind you that you are not along, your efforts are worth it, and hard work always pays off!

More about Ditch the Clique…

In 2019, blogger, speaker, and empowerHER Rachel K. Grim decided to bring her online community a step closer by launching Ditch the Clique. Fueled by the idea that #empoweredwomenempowerwomen, Ditch the Clique defies age, race, size, and career by uniting ALL women through connective conversation and goal-getting resources! The first Ditch the Clique in-person event welcomed over 50 women, and has since expanded from strictly live events into an online accountability community. Rachel now shares her motivating Ditch the Clique message in workplace settings, online, and at events in New York City, to equip women with the resources and COMMUNITY necessary to move out of uncertainty and into the life they dream!

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